2019 Private Yoga Rates

Onsite at Santosha – 275 Reservoir Ave, Providence, RI

    • 1-hour session = $70
  • Package of 4 sessions = $230 

At Swansea Yoga & Mindfulness Studio

25 Market Street, Swansea, MA – just off 195, corner of 136

    • 1-hour session = $70
  • Package of 4 sessions = $230 

At Your Place*

1-hour session = $75

Package of 4 sessions = $250 

Package of 8 sessions = $475 

Private Yoga for Deep Healing – at Santosha or Swansea

90-minute session = $90

* Yes – At your place! You can do yoga in your home, office, or any other space you have access to – all we need is about 4×6 feet of floor space.

Yoga At Your Place is an awesome way to make time for your practice! Maybe in the morning before work? Or on a lunch break? Before you leave the office? Let’s talk to find a time that works for you – whether it’s for a few sessions to kick off your home practice or a regular weekly time for deep ongoing benefits.

Standard Pricing for Yoga At Your Place:

This pricing is for locations in about a 20 minute radius of the East Side of Providence. For other locations, additional students, or any other questions, please contact Janie Ganga via email: janieganga @ gmail.com  [close up spaces]

If you are interested, but have hesitations, please email – I love talking about yoga!